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Sian is a sought after leadership specialist
and the founder of Aligned Leadership.

Organisations want inspirational Leaders and leadership is a really tough job.   Society and the workplace is becoming more and more complex for a variety of reasons.  The world is becoming more digital, there are multiple generations in the workplace, people working until they’re older, people want a personalised experience, they want balance in their life, they want continuous dialogue about their performance and their development, and the balance of power between employer and employee has shifted significantly over the last couple of decades.  Individuals have a greater choice about where they work, how they work, who they work with, when they work.  

The role of leaders is more critical than ever before in creating places to work where people choose to work and give their best performance.  So many leaders are promoted off the back of great reputations built on technical skills and expertise which doesn’t mean that someone will be a good people leader. It’s a different set of skills, behaviours and a mindset shift.  Many leaders that I work with are juggling so many balls, personal and professional that their own leadership development becomes one of those important but not urgent things on the ‘to do’ list and so becomes something they’ll focus on tomorrow.   There is always so much ‘work’ to do, which leaves little time to work on leadership mindset, skills and behaviours.   

I have over 20 years experience working with leaders in organisations and have been a leader myself.  My role as a coach, facilitator and trainer is to support and challenge individuals to be the best they can be.  When individuals lead with a level of conscious thought, are aware of the impact they have on those around them, and can flex their style – that is a great place to be.  

Great leadership comes from an ability to adapt.  It requires people who understand that it’s the individuals who are the competitive advantage.  Their focus needs to be on people. The value of leaders today is in the ability for leaders to build trust and connection and create quality dialogue, not in the tick box exercise of people processes. 

Based on research and experience, I developed the Aligned Leadership framework that includes working with leaders on the three elements.

The starting point for great leadership is with the leader, then understanding the context of the organization in which they work and understanding others.  Leaders needs to know the levers to engage people to give their best performance and deliver the best business results.

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How I do what I do

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to design and deliver content that transforms mindsets, changes behaviour and gives them tools in their leadership toolkit.  

Through my own experience and having worked in a variety of different organisations, I understand the challenges that leaders face today.  I have successfully trained, facilitated and coached internationally; predominantly UK, China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Germany, France & Luxembourg.   I am skilled at design and delivery of both on line modules and face to face programmes, from 90 minutes to week long face to face events. I designed the first week long International Leadership programme for TwiningsOvo that went on to win a Training Journal award in 2016 and designed and delivered the two day follow event that I delivered in France, Singapore and the USA.   

“Sian was great to work with and her design of the programme was the start of something very special”.  Austin Swain, Lane4

The programme significantly improved retention and career development within Twinings Ovo with 74% of delegates still with the organisation and 42% of them having been promoted at least once within the ABF Group.

My philosophy is that people need to be engaged in the content to learn, that there is a balance of theory and practice, and that building habits will accelerate their leadership development.   

Based on the work I have done over the last 12 – 18 months, the top 3 skills essential to being a successful leaders that I have designed and delivered content for, would be; coaching, feedback and challenging conversations.  

My role is to support, challenge, add perspective and give feedback.   Based on my experience and research, I am always looking at ways to add insight in the work I do with leaders.  I have designed an Aligned Leadership Assessment questionnaire and an Aligned Leadership 360 feedback tool, in addition to having accreditations in a wide range of psychometric tools including MBTI Step 1 & 2, 16PF, Hogan HPI and HDS.  

Being naturally collaborative, with a touch of humour helps to create dialogue, interaction and a fun and engaging learning environment.  My style has been described as creative, intelligent, professional and practical and I bring a depth of insight as well as tremendous energy and enthusiasm to all that I do.  

I have been coaching for over 15 years and I am a Results Trained Coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute.  I work on an individual basis to help people get a clearer perspective of their business and leadership issues, and support them to identify the goals and next steps to achieve their organisational and personal goals.   A number of my clients have gone onto bigger and broader leadership roles.

Leaders will continue to be at the heart of the work I do and helping leaders to be the best leaders they can be.  Great leadership with a human touch will be critical to business success in the future. As Markus Buckingham said people join an organisation and leave a line manager.


Providing the space and time for leaders to work through their development in a deep and transformational way and in their own way with the expertise offered by our range of coaches.

Leadership Development

Leaders are the bridge between business vision, strategy & goals and business delivery. Organisations are full of people employed to do a job, yet we know it’s not that simple. People want more.

Culture & Engagement

Culture is about behaviours and the ‘way things work around here’. Engagement is about how your people feel about working in that culture. A positive culture will result in greater engagement and in turn greater performance.

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