People skills are the new human super-power


Welcome to Aligned Leadership

People skills are the new human power

At Aligned Leadership, our mission is to get the business world connecting on a human level

From organisations, teams and individuals – helping leaders to unleash ‘human potential’ in a crazy, chaotic and changing world.

Being a leader in an organization is a big ask.  The expectation of leaders is greater than ever before, in environments that are more challenging than ever before.

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Business success is often measured in numbers.  It’s the people in a business that make that happen.


Unlocking an individual’s potential to maximise their performance so they can be the best they can be and get the best from others

Leadership Development

Never has there been a time for leadership development to be so high on the business agenda. Never has there been more fluidity of where people work, how they work, when they work, the age they work, their expectations of work.

Culture & Engagement

Your competitive advantage exists in the people within your business; in the ‘what’ people do and ‘how’ they do it. Behaviours are what make the company culture and leaders often set the tone. When the people in your business choose to give their best, the business benefits impact the bottom line.

In the face of global and local uncertainty,
Aligned Leadership helps;

Redefine leadership fit for todays world

Develop Leadership heroes with the mindset, skills and behaviours to match

Create more compelling and exciting work environments 

Leadership capability impacts business performance.

Here’s what we can help with…

Increasing Engagement

Everyone wants to be feel valued & appreciated for the work they do and a happy team is a productive team. Going over and above to please customers is something a strong leader will ensure. Happy people + happy customers = great business results.

Powerful Communication

Reducing misunderstanding and mistakes, strengthening relationships and improving performance. From big business decisions to day to day conversations, powerful communication ensures clarity, understanding and direction whether face to face, or via

Implementing vision and values

Most businesses have a vision for where they are headed and values that are the behaviours that will help them get there quicker, faster and more efficiently. The challenge of getting the job done day to day often distracts people from this bigger picture so you want leaders who will focus, prioritise and remind their teams to apply the values and work towards the vision.

Motivating Others

Goal setting, recognition, reward and development opportunities contribute to an individuals happiness and motivation at work. An individual needs to feel motivated to give their best performance. Motivation is hugely impacted by the actions of line managers.

Resistance to Change

In a world that is ever changing and a unprecedented pace, agility, flexibility and an ability to keep pace with change requires leaders who can manage themselves and help others navigate the path of change. Creating focus on the right priorities will result in better, faster and quicker results.

The Art of Delegation

Most leaders are promoted off the back of a great reputation for a technical skill and expertise. Leadership is a different skill set and the challenge for leaders to let go of the technical skills and expertise to lead others is a common barrier having a negative impact on the team. Confidence, clarity and a leadership mindset is what leaders need to be effective.

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